BINGO Hotline number - 973-970-9757

Bingo is one of our Largest Fund Raisers.

All monies from bingo go directly to offsetting your tuition!

Reminders: Sunday Team Members – please arrive by 5:45pm
                     Monday Team Members – please arrive by 6:15pm
Kitchen workers please arrive when doors open –Sunday 5pm / Monday 5:30pm

As a bingo team member you play an important role in making this program work.
You may be asked to sell bingo boards, pull tab games, work the kitchen or maybe even be a caller.

We need Everyone’s support to continue this strong program. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Jessica Walsh  973-229-5047 cell


All Team Schedules appear below :
Please remember if you cannot make it on your scheduled date you are responsible for finding a sub and to contact your captain. Please Note: Captains are always needed if you are interested, please contact us.

Updated on 6/9: With new parents and schedules based on Bingo Changes. Keep in mind we will using Parent Square going forward. You should make sure to register for this service and download the App for Parent Square. In 2019-20 school year open house we will have a tech table to show you what you need to do.

 Text (remind code) to the number 81010

Sunday Schedule

Monday Schedule

Team 1@de3bck

Team 1 - @g7e44g

Team 2 @8d8h2h

Team 2 -@d79e63

Team 3 - @sundaybing

Team 3 - @hkb6d9

Team 4- @g4h277

Team 4 @hd7e7b7

Team 5 - @3h4bh2

Team 5 - @dcc27a

Team 6 @cfdbc4b

Team 6 - @3g9cb6