The mathematics program follows a blended curriculum model with a foundation rooted in mastering computational skills, while fostering the development of critical thinking and problem solving. The success of the program relies on the use of various assessment instruments to make adjustments to instructional methods and individualize instruction. Teachers participate in ongoing professional development and refine the mathematics curriculum regularly. The learning environment is constructed to reach all types of learners through the use of whole group instruction, mini lessons, cooperative learning activities, learning centers, and one-on-one instruction.

The middle school mathematics program is an accelerated program that provides all students the opportunity to complete algebra by the end of grade eight. The curriculum is deeply rooted in the Core Curriculum Standards and focuses on the development of higher order thinking skills. Students in sixth and seventh grade focus on a deep understanding of number theory and its relationship to rational numbers. Basic algebraic concepts form problem-solving strategies related to geometry, probability and percents. This strong foundation leads naturally to advancement into algebra.