Student Clubs

The following clubs will begin in October and end in May.
Please refer to the calendar for any date changes.

The Art Club

Moderator: Mrs. Nuria Grniet, Art teacher

Will meet in October (2nd and 3rd Mondays of the month) 


The Chess Club

Moderator: Mrs. Dawn Warga

Will meet in Feburary and March Consecutively for 7 weeks (day of the week TBA)

The Lego Club

Moderator: Mrs. Carol Joyce

Open to grades three through six and will meet once a month (dates to be announced). Limit 25 students

The Yearbook Club

Moderator : Mrs. Leanne Esterly and Mrs. Jean Hall

Open exclusively for eighth graders who are working on the school yearbook. Will begin in September and meet twice a month until May. 

** PHOTOGRAPHERS WANTED! Any Student in 6-8 that would like to be a Yearbook Photographer, please send a note to Mrs. Esterly. Many photos are needed of all grades during school events, lunchtime, recess and any classroom photos that are taken at an appropriate time determined by the teacher. **

The RC Club

Moderator : Mrs. Dawn Warga

Open to 4th -8th graders. Will begin in January 2018.