Student Clubs

The following clubs will begin in October and end in May.
Please refer to the calendar for any date changes.

The Art Club

Moderator: Mrs. Nuria Grniet, Art teacher

Will meet in October (2nd and 3rd Mondays of the month) 


The Chess Club

Moderator: Dawn Warga

Will meet in Feburary and March Consecutively for 7 weeks (day of the week TBA)

The Lego Club

Moderator: Carol Joyce

Open to grades three through six and will meet on the third Tuesday of every month. Limit 25 students

The Yearbook Club

Moderator : Jean Hall, Mrs. Leanne Esterly

Open exclusively for eighth graders who are working on the eighth grade yearbook. 

The RC Club

Moderator : Dawn Warga

Open to 4th -8th graders. Will begin in January 2017.