Posted by stthereseroxbury on August 29, 2015

We are in need of Volunteers for LUNCH and RECESS duty.

When you volunteer, you help ensure that your child is safe and happy during this time. There are about 200 children to serve and watch during this 40 minute period. It's a short time out of your day but it means more to your child than you can imagine. 

Seeing their happy faces when they notice you are there in the middle of the day to see them, it makes a world of difference. Think back to when you were a kid and you saw someone make that small effort to make a difference in your day.

It means so much to our little ones.... and to our teachers who work hard all day with our children. Wink

Thank you and please call the office if you can volunteer. 973-584-0812 

Arrive at 11:45 to prepare for Lunch and/or Recess