Awards and Accreditations


St. Therese School is now accredited by AdvancEd. The goal at AdvancED is to “frame the conversation around continuous school improvement by providing guiding structures and effective practices that help schools advance the level of education they provide.” Along with the schools of the Diocese of Paterson we are accredited through the Fall of 2012. Rather than individiual schools receiving accreditation this will accredit schools through the diocese.



St. Therese School was awarded “Star School” status in 2008. According to the Diocesan website, the Star School program is awarded to schools on the “cutting edge, promoting high student achievement with an identifiable specialization addressing the educational services and needs of the students… the faculty is engaged in professional development and administrative and fiscal efficiency is demonstrated in the educational program…outstanding performance is measured in terms of student results and school accomplishments…there are collaborative efforts with parents, parish and community.”

We were awarded “Star School” status due to our ongoing project “A Geographical Study Leading to Global Awareness and Compassion for Cultural Diversity.” We are now in the fourth year of this project.